Sub-Working Group

Comprising over 400 industry subject-matter experts, the Sub-Working Groups are responsible for determining the required changes to various business processes within each of their Workstreams. Team Alpha has the added task of identifying T+2 product scope. The Sub-Working Groups will perform a detailed analysis of each Workstream to identify any required technology, behavioral, regulatory, etc. changes required to facilitate a move to T2.

Team Alpha

John Kiechle and Ed Fanning
DTCC Co-leads

Team Bravo

Josephine Torelli and Greg Johnston
DTCC Co-leads

Team Charlie

Matt Schill and Jon Ciciola
DTCC Co-leads

Team Delta

Tom Sakaris and Bob Cavallo
DTCC Co-leads

Team Lima

Nikki Poulos and Jacqueline Farinella
DTCC Co-leads